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The Bunker House is a great venue for live music, wine tasting and much more. 

Check out our Live Music,
Wine Tasting & much more.

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We believe social gatherings are the oldest wisdom of mankind.

People come together to share, laugh, cry and experience a sense of connection. We are not here to live alone! So, we thought: "The Apotheque Lifestyle is not complete until we can offer a casual, comfortable place for people to hang out and experience their communities." 

Welcome to The Bunker House Cafe & Social Lounge...


The Bunker House's origin dates back to the 1800s in downtown Oceanside with a colorful history. After Theodore Bunker erected the building in 1886, it has transformed from a Town Hall, to a boarding house for railroad workers, a music store leasing jukeboxes, and even fell into disrepair as a brothel in the 70s. This building's metamorphic past has adapted and changed with it's community. At The Bunker House Lounge we are bringing the modern Oceanside community together again to eat, drink, enjoy live music, and create new stories to add to this building's vibrant history."


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322 North Cleveland Street Suite B
Oceanside, CA 92054


Tuesday - Sunday 7:30a-10p
Monday Closed